Survival Kits. Supplemental Kits


Equipment to supplement the accessories kits already contained in the life raft or slide raft installed on the aircraft. For use by aircraft crew and passengers in an emergency situation.

Use Duration Indefinite
Approx. Weight 8.5 lb (3.9 kg)
Approx. Size 28.5 x 5 x 6.75 in
(72.4 x 12.7 x 17.2 cm)
Part No. S3045-101

FAA-PMA B747 slide/raft survival kit Model SK-747-4 (P/N S3045-101) includes this Renewal Kit (P/N S3054-101) and a Base Kit (P/N S3053-101). The survival kit is designed for B747 doors 1, 2, and 4.

Base Kit, EAM P/N S3053-101:
This kit contains all the non-perishable survival kit items that are not subject to deterioration or life-limit. The items are packed in a separate, waterproof, easy-opening, transparent hard plastic container to retain the kit’s unique, critical shape. This kit need only be visually inspected periodically and includes:
Item No. Nomenclature Qty
1 Survival Manual 1
2 Flashlight, w/Lithium Batteries 2
3 Knife Assy., Utility 1
4 Signal Mirror Assy. 1
5 Sea Dye Marker 1
6 Raft Repair Kit 2
7 Whistle Assy. 1
8 Water Package Assy. (4.23 fl. oz. per pack) 8
9 Bailing Bucket 1
10 Sponge 2
11 Lip Balm 2
12 Adhesive Bandage, 1 in (16 per box) 2
13 Bandage Compress, 2 in (4 per box) 3
14 Bandage Compress, 4 in (1 per box) 2
15 Triangle Bandage, 40 in 3
16 Adhesive Tape (2 rolls per pack) 1
Renewal Kit, EAM P/N S3054-101
All the life-limited, perishable items subject to expiration are packed in this separate kit in its own waterproof, easy-opening, transparent pouch. This kit needs to be replaced at least every 5 years and contains:
Item No. Nomenclature Qty
1 Sea Sickness Pill Packs (12 tablets per pack) 8
2 Day/Night Flare 2
3 Water Purification Tablets (50 tablets per bottle) 1
4 Antiseptic Swabs (10 swabs per box) 2
5 Ammonia Inhalants (10 vials per box) 1
6 Burn Compound (10 tubes per box) 1
7 Eye Dressing Packet 1
8 Candy (Sucrose) Rations (10 candies per pack) 4
Pouch, EAM P/N S3046-101
Both the base kit and the renewal kit are packed in this tough, durable, zippered valise made of neoprene coated nylon fabric. The valise has all the velcro and strapping required to secure the kit and the Rescu/99 ELT (not included) in the door bustle compartment of the aircraft.


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