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An Airlift Partnership to Feed those in Need on Thanksgiving Day

Fort Lauderdale, FL – Turkeys are taking flight this holiday season to reach some of the state’s most rural and needy areas. A collaboration among nonprofit organizations, Vital Flight and the Big Heart Brigade, as well as civic-minded businesses including: EAM Worldwide, Flightline Drug Testing, and Russo Battista Billings Law Group will ensure that 5000 Thanksgiving meals are delivered via air to multiple locations throughout Florida, where they will then be distributed to needy families some of the state’s most rural and impoverished areas.

The Big Heart Brigade, whose mission is to enrich the lives of those in need by providing Thanksgiving meals and much needed support to the community, will prepare the 5000 individually packaged meals. Vital Flight, Florida’s only non-profit all volunteer pilot organization dedicated to providing free air transportation for humanitarian and medical needs, will provide the air transport of the meals. Volunteer pilots will be utilizing their own aircrafts to fly meals to various small airports throughout the state.

The Thanksgiving meal recipients will be coordinated through the Redlands Christian Migrant Association (RCMA). The RCMA has 71 centers in 21 Florida counties, dedicated to serving the rural poor and the children of immigrants through a range of programs. The RCMA has identified 10 of their locations to which the meals will be delivered to the nearest airports and then transported to the RCMA’s locations for distribution to the families.

Several corporate partners have volunteered to help with the mission. EAM Worldwide, who delivers high-quality safety equipment and technology to help ensure the survival and well-being of each passenger and crew members, will be donating gas cards as well as the bags to package the meals for air transport. Flightline Drug Testing, a national company on a mission to provide you with the administration and resources necessary to be a drug free workplace, along with Russo Battista Billing Law Group, a personal injury law firm based out of Weston Florida, have made monetary contributions to the mission to help absorb the logistical cost of organizing this mission.

Staging of the meals and the initial flights will be out of North Palm Beach County Airport (F-45). Pilots and volunteers alike will rally early in the morning to get all of the meals organized and ready for take-off. Volunteer pilots will make several trips before 1pm to ensure that RCMA will have all the meals delivered to families before the end of the day Wednesday and in time for Thanksgiving.

ABOUT VITAL FLIGHT: Vital Flight is Florida’s only non-profit all-volunteer pilot organization, dedicated to the mission of helping people through the provision of air transportation for humanitarian, compassionate and medical needs.

ABOUT EAM WORLDWIDE: EAM Worldwide delivers high-quality safety equipment and technology to help ensure the survival and well-being of each passenger and crew member. Providing exceptional client service to the aviation and marine industries, EAM also helps support the financial and operational sustainability of each client. From attentive client service, competitive pricing and fast repair and maintenance turnarounds, EAM always considers the optimal savings it can provide its clients. With the latest RFID technology and innovation in its customized life vests, rafts and kits, EAM delivers on its promise.

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