Due to product advancement and client demand, EAM will discontinue a few older/unpopular vest models in order to streamline the product line and offer a more cohesive variety of vests with no redundancies. This change will result in the elimination of 2 vest lines – The KSD35L8 and all of its variants and the GA12 in its entirety; in addition there will be a partial discontinuation of the KSE35L8 and the Infant (IN-V20L8).

The following vests and their variations will be replaced as follows by the existing ones:

KSD-35L8 – P0723-XXX to be replaced by existing EAM’s XF-35 model

KSD-35-X – P0723-X-XXX to be replaced by existing EAM’s XF-35 model

KSE-35L8 – P0723E105P to be replaced by existing EAM’s XF-35 model

GA-12 – P0201-105 to be replaced by existing EAM’s UXF-35 model

IN-V20L8 – P0640-103 to be replaced by existing EAM’s IN-V20L8 P0640-101

The versatility, durability, convenience and competitive pricing of the XF-35 and UXF-35 have made them preferred “new generation” vest for EAM’s clients.

“This change will streamline our product line, enabling us to offer the highest quality and most cost effective option to our clients,” stated Manny Gato, EAM Director of Sales.

EAM is taking all measures to ensure the elimination of the older vest products will be smooth and with minimal client impact. EAM prides itself on client experience and encourages all clients who have any potential questions about the products or the change to please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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